Videoconferencing & Video Streaming Services

Focus Vision Videoconferencing & Video Streaming

FocusVision is a videoconferencing provider for marketing research applications. A camera operator and FocusVision’s two-camera systems give full group views, dynamic close-ups and picture-in-picture features that provide a unique perspective on ads, packaging, or other stimulus.

FocusVision offers two levels of video streaming: Premium and Basic.

  • Premium gives multiple views from a technician-operated moving camera system that follows the dynamic of the group discussion, providing the close-up capability needed to get total respondent feedback.
  • The Basic service was designed primarily for one-on-one interviews and provides a stationary camera view that is preset remotely from FocusVision headquarters.

Both services offer you important features such as archiving for on-demand viewing, and Viewer Chat function that allows all remote viewers to communication while watching the research. For more information, please visit FocusVision.

Active Group Video Streaming

Active Group is another provider of video streaming for marketing research applications. Utilizing available products like ActiveNotes and InstantTranscripts can literally cut days, even weeks, off the time it takes you to go from data to decisions.

  • ActiveNotes allows you to take notes, chat with your colleagues, and view the live event all at the same time!
  • InstantTranscripts are real-time, textual transcripts that directly link to the video of the research and are available within 30 minutes after the research ends.

For more information, please visit Active Group.


Vic CD is an innovative qualitative research tool that can help you organize and store your focus group material. For more information, please visit Vic CD.

Public Room Rental

Videoconferencing are also available to the general public and local businesses who need the ability to communicate with someone in another city face-to-face, with real-time transmission. Example applications include executive interviews, depositions, client presentations and meetings between company branches.

“The facility was beautiful, (the hostess) was wonderful, the respondents were excellent and everything was great!”
– Thom Van Aken, Pearson Education